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Transparent eGLD Expertise, Right at Your Fingertips

As the Elrond network’s cryptocurrency, the eGLD coin offers a great way to invest in the future and it’s only getting better. When you stake your holdings with stakeGEN, you can maximize earnings without moving a muscle.

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Let's face it – most crypto investors don’t have time to watch the markets like a hawk. When you stake your coins with a reputable partner like stakeGEN, you’ll reduce stress and free up your schedule.

Easily Earn Consistent Returns

Investing is all about passive income. At stakeGEN, our Elrond experts put your eGLD coins to work and use your principal investment to generate consistent returns each month.

Speedy, Secure Same-Day Payments

Worried about the availability of your funds? Our generous rewards system allows delegators to quickly and conveniently accept speedy, secure payments on the same day as the request.

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Discover why stakeGEN is the leading choice for eGLD staking today.​

Secure Smart Contracts

The Elrond network puts security front and center – one of its defining features is the Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) that enables approximately 12,500 transactions per second.
At stakeGEN, we share this commitment to transparency and security. To guarantee that you are the only party authorized to add or remove coins from your account, we use smart contracts that have been audited and certified by Elrond.

High Earning Potential

With state-of-the-art nodes, lightning-quick validation, and outstanding annual percentage yields, it’s no surprise that eGLD delegators are increasingly choosing to stake their coins with stakeGEN.
Looking for a trusted way to generate passive income? With expected yearly returns as high as [x]%, maximizing the value of your cryptocurrency investment has never been easier. Experience the benefits first-hand today.

Elrond Network Expertise

stakeGEN was founded by a team of blockchain specialists with 5+ years of experience investing in crypto and 1+ years of specific experience on the Elrond network. We turn this firsthand experience with the Elrond technology ecosystem into measurable results for our delegators.

In fact, stakeGEN delegators enjoy access to the exact same secure infrastructure that we use when investing our own eGLD coins.

Elite Staking Infrastructure

Looking for additional peace of mind? As an eGLD delegator, you deserve uninterrupted access to the best data centers, hosting providers, and staking infrastructure available. We provide industry-leading access to all of the above, and that’s not all
Our Elrond security experts deploy best-in-class management and monitoring systems to overlook everything, and we also have working backups to keep your holdings safe 24/7 365

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